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Posted January 12, 2018 at 09:18 am
Hello hello everyone!

So just recently we got news that we'll be exhibiting at TCAF this year! Hurray! We are so pleased to have our second time attending and that means that we'll definitely be upping our game! Some of you may know that we had a limited run of GJS vol. 1 in print for a time but lately we've been working very hard these past few months to revamp and re-release Book 1 and 2 for a much more professional and appealing print. We're aiming to have both books available for TCAF along with other awesome goodies, and quite possibly a con exclusive zine as well! We'll have more details as we hammer out the final product but we're also working on making these things available online after the festival. 

So with re-vamping the books, there have been a lot of edits to the pages once again. We've worked tirelessly on this but have also made sure that the site is up to date with what we'll be printing. It's not essential but if you feel like it, go and have a peruse in the earlier chapters (especially 1-3) to see some of the improvements we've made! 


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