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Posted January 21, 2020 at 06:52 pm

Happy New Years all! We hope that everyone has had a refreshing kick off to 2020, while things have been relatively quiet on our front, we've been a bit busy! We're steadily working away at wrapping volume 4 up and will hopefully have it done by late spring or early summer. Volume 5 is underway and we've been toiling away at some new merchandise as well. We have a few other things that we're working on but when we have a clearer picture of our timeframe, we'll share more info about that at a later date!

We'll be at 3 conventions this year which are:

-King Con (Kingston, Ontario) April 4th and 5th

-TCAF (Toronto, Ontario) May 11th and 12th 

-Limestone Genre Expo (Kingston, Ontario) June 5th and 6th

Hope to see some of you out and about at these future exhibitions, ciao for now! 

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