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Guest art #11: Claire
Posted June 16, 2021 at 11:50 pm

Our final day of guest art we end with a bang with a wonderful piece done by Claire, who is also the author of the webcomic Phantomarine! From the soft and warm lighting to the mirrored and thematic composition, we love this illustration to bits and couldn't be more thrilled to show it off! We want to thank all our featured guest artists for making this week and a half full of kick ass fanart, we appreciate you all so much!

Phantomarine is a spooky-but-sweet fantasy webcomic about a ghostly princess and her perilous journey across a haunted sea, hoping to save her soul from a devious, shapeshifting death god known as the Red Tide King.

Expect all manner of maritime mysteries – monstrous sea creatures, sacred lighthouses, strange afflictions, accursed marauders, feuding gods, grand sea battles, and a heaping helping of humor in-between!


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