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Guest art #1: HonestlyNotARobot
Posted June 16, 2021 at 11:56 am

Happy 7th year to GJS! 

This comic has been a labour of love , it's incredible that we've made it this far with all of you! Normally we would do a big illustration or a giveaway but this year we made our first ever call for guest art, and here we are!

Our first hilarious and energetic piece to kick off the week is done by Emma who does the webcomic Honestly Not a Robot! We love how perfectly this illustration captures the chaotic energy of Nowe and Medium's bizarre relationship and if you like the vibes of this piece, definitely check out the rest of her work! 

Honestly not a Robot! is an ongoing webcomic following the everyday trials of staff members working at Damnsons, a local premium supermarket.

It is no secret that juggling awkward customers, co-worker squabbles and impractical management dogma is a delicate balance to maintain even for seasoned staff like Damian or Verity; so how will the eager newbies like Ash cope?


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