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Chapter 20: Encore
Posted June 29, 2023 at 11:48 pm

Chapter 20 begins! But for now we're just giving you guys the cover so you can sit with a little bit of anticipation.... Monday we will see just how wild things are about to get so until then, enjoy the ominous energy exuded for this image hohohoho~

Also if you haven't heard, we're adding a new tier to our Patreon! You can read more about it over here but if you're someone who enjoys saucy 18+ content and are interested in the absolute multishipping chaos that goes on behind the scenes of our works, feel free to check it out and keep an eye out for when the first reward drops! (hint hint... it may have something to do with the shipping poll that we held a couple months back, which we may have a wee little preview for ;) )

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