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7-117 - 7-117
Posted January 23, 2017 at 09:45 am

Finally we come to a close for chapter 7! This chapter has literally been going on for an entire year so we hope after this rollercoaster of emotion our readers will still stay tuned for the next chapter which will be resuming next week. We have a bit of a surprise for friday's update and we hope you'll all enjoy these end of the book segments that we've decided to incorporate! With that said book 2 has ended and pre-orders will be up soon for the hard copy of it in our store! 

This chapter has been a lot to process we're sure because it was definitely the most difficult to write for us as a team but we do hope if anything that it's given you all enough to think about and deconstruct. 

The next chapter we will be taking a break from our hunters and letting some of our other gems shine, look forward to it!

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