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Posted April 20, 2023 at 11:48 pm

Hey all! Our second comic, Lunar Blight, has also launched today! If you're a fan of horror, monsters and big cathedrals then maybe you'd like this comic too!

Jun Ryeo is a soft-spoken knight of the Moonlit Sanctuary sworn to protect humanity and gain the favour of the Moon. When a strange hunter scientist arrives with dreadful news of a powerful vampire threatening life as they know it, Jun and his fellow knights are deployed immediately with their unwelcome company. The journey is fraught with speculations of what it truly means to be a knight of the Lunar Guard and who the sanctuary is really protecting. Jun knows that he’s different from his allies and this question grates on him all the more painfully as he continues to cut down creatures that dwell in the shadows. With discord slowly brewing back at the Sanctuary, Jun must face the lie he’s grown to call home or embrace the darkness he knows lurking within him.

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