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Posted May 27, 2021 at 11:48 pm

We haveĀ  bunch of cameos on today's update!

Panel 1:

To the left we have Kate from the webcomic Kate Blast by Renieplayerone

To the right we have Cricket from the webcomic Joe Is Dead by sssfrs_

Panel 2:

To the left we have Cort from the webcomic Heirs of the Veil by Phineas_Klier and spitefulpumpkin

To the right we have Felix from the webcomic Wychwood by Varethane

Panel 3:

To the left we have Sunny from the webcomic SunnyxRain by Shadowhooddraws

Panel 5:

Lastly, bottom left is Vanna and Pavel from the webcomic Phantomarine by Claire Niebergall

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