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10-53 - 10-53
Posted January 14, 2019 at 12:07 am

------This is the end of the multiple page update, make sure you go back to page 10-49 to catch up!-----

And that wraps up chapter 10 (and volume 3)! We hope everyone enjoyed chapter 10 and is anticipating chapter 11 because we sure are! But before we get to that, as previously mentioned, we will be taking a break from the main storyline to bring you guys an extra story that will be a 38 page long full colour chapter! It's going to focus on Boggmouth and a couple of her hunting pals that have introduced in chapter 9. We will resume regular scheduling and we'll see you this Friday when Intermission: "Reservoir Plainsong" begins! It's going to be a good time so look forward to it!  

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