Hello hello everyone!

So just recently we got news that we'll be exhibiting at TCAF this year! Hurray! We are so pleased to have our second time attending and that means that we'll definitely be upping our game! Some of you may know that we had a limited run of GJS vol. 1 in print for a time but lately we've been working very hard these past few months to revamp and re-release Book 1 and 2 for a much more professional and appealing print. We're aiming to have both books available for TCAF along with other awesome goodies, and quite possibly a con exclusive zine as well! We'll have more details as we hammer out the final product but we're also working on making these things available online after the festival. 

So with re-vamping the books, there have been a lot of edits to the pages once again. We've worked tirelessly on this but have also made sure that the site is up to date with what we'll be printing. It's not essential but if you feel like it, go and have a peruse in the earlier chapters (especially 1-3) to see some of the improvements we've made! 


Happy Halloween everyone! We hope everyone has a spooktacular day! All month Krispy has been doing inktober and succeeded in completeing the challenge! Woohoo!! The last day, which is our featured illustration for this post, she decided to do a drawing of one of our GJS AU's that we talk about often to which we refer to as the "Saturnine Star" AU. We have no idea what this AU will turn into since it's gotten quite expansive but for now look at how dashing everyone looks! Oh my! 

If you want to see all the other days of inktober that Krispy finished by all means check them out on any of these links:

Facebook // Tumblr // twitter


Diverse sexualities and gender expressions are very important to both of us creators so of course you can guess that we’re writing our beloved comic Ghost Junk Sickness to reflect that! We’re always trying to be more inclusive and constantly questioning our standards of the genre to help make a better, more realistic feeling story! 

Stay safe and enjoy lots of self love this month (And every month after that too of course)!!

It's June 7th and that means it's Ghost Junk Sickness' 3rd year anniversary!!! We're so pleased to be still making this comic, lets have a big hooray for many more years to come! 

Thank you everyone who stopped by our table and picked up some merchandise or stayed for a good chat, we were so thrilled to meet you all!! We really had a good time, thank you all for making it awesome!! We're really hoping to start going to bigger conventions next so keep an eye out for any updates!

This saturday on the 15th we're making our regular appearance at Kingston comic con located at the Invista centre! We've got an entirely new spread and we hope to see some of you there, come say hi if you're in the area! Here's what our table will look like!!


Hello all! This isn't GJS related but if you were ever curious to what other projects that either of the authors of GJS is up to this is one of them! Our co-writer and co-artist Space has contributed to the Tabula Idem Queer Tarot and Comic Anthology that has a kickstarter campaigning right now! If you're interested in tarot cards and comics (which we assume that you do if you read this webcomic) with a center focus on queer people and their identities being portrayed in a fun and positive way then perhaps consider helping fund this project! 

The Kickstarter

If you can't contribute to funding but would like to spread the word about it please by any means do what you can, we would all really appreciate it!

Hello hello everyone, we had a fantastic time at Kingston Comic con and for everyone that stopped by as a new or familiar face, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We loved seeing all your lovely faces and couldn't be more grateful to everyone who stopped by to buy something, pick up a business card or simply chat it up! We had a lot of fun, thanks guys!


Also as we all know Halloween approaches and since we know everyone will be up to spooky activities on the 31st we're wishing you a very happy Halloween now! Be sure to have a safe and spooktacular halloween! 



Happy 2nd Anniversary Ghost Junk Sickness!!

It's been two consistent years of posting GJS, here's to many more of them to come!! Thank you for supporting us this far!



For the past two weeks we have gone through the first book and decided to colour, improve and rewrite the first 31 pages of the comic! Why you may ask? Because we love our readers! But also because the first 31 pages were made at a different time and rushed before we could go back and give the time that they needed into it! So now we feel fully confident in the beginning of our series and are proud to show them to new and old readers! 

This also means that eventually the first book will be getting a reprint some time in the future and we're aiming to have our pages with colour in colour this time!

Enjoy the fruit of our labour!



 We've added new merchandise to the our section of the hivemill, make sure you check that out!

So aside from the single print and the book you can expect to see:

  • 4 new prints with never before released illustrations varying in sizes from 12x18 to 24x36!! Posters are also available in an additional smaller size for your wall space needs!
  • A new mousepad featuring our two lovely competing military officials!
  • And last but not least a brand new ceramic mug!


 Happy shopping!


Original tumblr post

A sneak peak for chapter 7! It's a pretty lengthy chapter and a heavy one too, I hope our GJS lovers are ready for some intensity (and possibly some heartbreak)! 



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