Posted Dec.10.18 at 03:58 am

There's a sale on hivemill going on that's %10 off your entire purchase! That includes GJS books and merchandise so go check it out before it ends on the 15th! 

Posted Oct.02.18 at 08:56 am

Hey all! So we just wanted to make a reminder that for any questions about GJS, whether it be about the characters, development or even us in general, we want you all to know that the best platform for that would be our tumblr blog! We're always happy to answer any questions or get any feedback on our comic, and it's a lot easier and more efficient when we don't have to go digging through the disqus feed (and realize that some of your questions are a few months old before we got back to you :'))) ) Plus we always like to archive things so it's better for you guys as well! 

Hit us up any time, thanks everyone! ❤︎ 


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